William Barkman

William (Bill) Barkman possesses extensive experience in the precision manufacturing operations required to produce nuclear weapons components. He serves as a program manager for precision-manufacturing activities and is frequently involved in technical consultations with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) weapons-design laboratories. Bill has been responsible for the development of machining and inspection systems capable of automated operations in rigorous manufacturing environments. He has experience with “non-conventional” metal removal processes such as diamond turning and ceramic grinding, as well as extensive experience in the development and execution of collaborative partnership activities (e.g., NNSA Thrust Areas for Agile Machining and Inspection, Digital Radiography, and Noncontact Inspection; manufacturing and cybersecurity research projects with academia; the public/private Cost Effective Machining of Ceramics program; and the Supply Chain Cybersecurity Initiative). Bill holds seven manufacturing-related patents and has authored over 45 technical publications, including a book titled In-process Quality Control for Manufacturing (Marcel Dekker, Inc., 1989). He produced a short course on manufacturing variability.