Satwik Dutta is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and a Eugene McDermott Graduate Fellow at the University of Texas at Dallas advised by Dr. John H.L. Hansen. His research focuses on developing speech/voice AI technology to support early childhood intervention with a goal to assist parents, teachers, caregivers, and practitioners to help mitigate various challenges in language development in children. His research is supported by the QUAD Fellowship, a multinational scholarship program launched by the governments of Australia, India, Japan, and the United States to build ties among the brightest next-generation STEM scholars. Dutta developed his research interest while participating in multiple research projects focused on children with speech/language delays. With a strong determination to serve students, he played leading roles on the university’s Graduate Student Assembly during the pandemic and earned multiple accolades for his service. Currently, he serves in the Acoustical Society of America’s Students Council and the International Speech Communication Association’s Student Advisory Committee.