Adjunct Senior Fellow
Cameron Reed

Bruce Cameron Reed is the Charles A. Dana Professor of Physics Emeritus at Alma College, Alma, Michigan. He has published over 150 papers on research in the fields of astronomy, data analysis, quantum physics, mathematics, nuclear physics, the history of physics, and the physics of nuclear weapons.

A particular focus of his research is the Manhattan Project, on which he has published four books: The History and Science of the Manhattan Project (Springer, 2014), The Physics of the Manhattan Project (Springer, 2015), Atomic Bomb: The Story of the Manhattan Project (IoP Concise Physics, 2015) and The Manhattan Project: A Very Brief Introduction to the Physics of Nuclear Weapons (IoP Concise Physics, 2017). In 2009 he was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society “For his contributions to the history of both the physics and the development of nuclear weapons in the Manhattan Project.” He has given talks on the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago, the University of Groningen, and at numerous meetings of the American Physical Society. He served as editor of the “Physics & Society” newsletter of the American Physical Society, and as Secretary-Treasurer of that organization’s Forum on History of Physics.

Dr. Reed received his PhD in Physics from the University of Waterloo (Canada) in 1984. He has taught at Saint Mary’s University in Nova Scotia and Alma College in Michigan. He is now semi-retired and living in Nova Scotia, where he continues to teach part-time and is preparing a semi-popular-level book on the Manhattan Project.