Bernard O. Olayo MD, MPH

Bernard Olayo is the founder of HEWA TELE,  a Kenyan based Medical Oxygen company. The company’s mission is to improve access and utilization of Oxygen to underserved communities using a locally led private sector model. The desire to found HEWATELE was borne by Dr. Olayo’s experience working as a doctor in Kenya’s public healthcare system where he experienced first hand many children dying because of lack of Oxygen. Bernard also supports a number of World Bank projects in the African region. He was a core member of Health in Africa Initiative – a joint IFC-World Bank project that was funded by BMGF whose main objective was to improve participation of private sector players in delivery of health services and goods by addressing key investment climate barriers. He is a board member of Global Development Incubator (GDI) where he provides guidance on making innovations successful in the African context. He is an advisor to the Lancet Global Medical Oxygen Security.