Ask your Congressman About Science

CapitolThe Federation of American Scientists has joined 16 prominent scientific and engineering groups to ask all Congressional candidates seven questions on the science and technology policies that affect all of our lives.

The November election will be a critical moment for science and technology policy in the United States. Voters must know where the candidates stand on issues such as climate change, the environment, and soaring energy prices.

Innovation 2008 is a voter education initiative from Scientists and Engineers for America (SEA) to make science and technology a prominent part of the 2008 elections. Ask your candidates today!

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One thought on “Ask your Congressman About Science

  1. Will the Honorable Congressman fund initiatives for the training and purchase of capital equipment for civilian medical treatment facilities to be able to respond to mass casualty incidents? Further, will the Honorable Congressman introduce or support bills in Congress to indemnify emergency, nursing and medical providers against torts resultant from care delivered during the response to a mass casualty incident? Thank you for your consideration.

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