FAS Roundup – April 5, 2021

By April 5, 2021

First New START Data After Extension Shows Compliance
Although the New START treaty has been extended for five years and it appears to be working, that is no reason to be complacent. The United States and Russia should undertake detailed and ongoing negotiations about what a follow-on treaty will look like, so they are ready well before the five-year extension runs out, writes FAS’ Hans Kristensen

How the Executive Branch Can Streamline US Immigration Options for AI Talent
In order to retain AI talent, USCIS should issue new guidance to clarify how AI professionals’ achievements map to different green card categories – keeping AI talent employed and the US competitive. New from FAS’ Doug Rand and Lindsay Milliken in the NYU Journal of Legislation and Public Policy.

Repurposing Generic Drugs to Combat Cancer
Repurposing existing drugs, especially off-patent generics, is the fastest way to develop new treatments. From the Day One Project, Laura Kleiman, and Shruthi Bhimaraju, how the Biden-Harris Administration can create the Repurposing Generics Grant Program through the National Cancer Institute, and fund this vital research.

Biometric Technologies and Global Security
Although biometric technologies have been in use for decades, recent advances in artificial intelligence and Big Data analytics have expanded their application. From the Congressional Research Service, an overview of biometric technologies and possible policy.

Indoor Ventilation Strategies to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 at Home
From FAS’ Syra Madad, tips for preventing the spread of COVID-19 at home by utilizing windows, fans, and other equipment commonly found at home.

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