FAS Roundup – April 12, 2021

By April 12, 2021

The Race to Curb the Spread of COVID Vaccine Disinformation
“Although the latest efforts by Twitter and Facebook should help to reduce disinformation, they won’t necessarily get at the larger social and political dynamics that drive disinformation and concerns over vaccination,” argues FAS’ Amir Bagherpour in Nature.

Army Program Seeks to Heighten Soldiers’ Cognition
A refined sense of smell, including the ability to detect cigarette smoke from up to 150 meters away, would not seem to be of much use in cyber conflict, but a new Army training manual claims a properly trained soldier should put their olfactory sense to work, among others. Read more about the Advanced Situational Awareness Training Circular in the latest Secrecy News blog post.

A Resurgence of Democracy in 2040?
Also in Secrecy News: the world will be “increasingly out of balance and contested at every level” over the next twenty years due to the pressures of demographic, environmental, economic and technological change, a new forecast from the National Intelligence Council called Global Trends 2040 said last week. 

Inhofe Backs Pause in Pentagon Nomination amid GOP Calls for Probe
“The senators do not address whether the information in question was in fact classified; whether, if so, it was properly classified; whether it was already in the public domain; or whether its disclosure actually had any adverse effect on the national defense,” FAS’ Steven Aftergood explains to Politico about less-than-convincing accusations of revealing classified information.

Increasing Equity and Accessibility of Research Funds Can Help Secure U.S. Leadership in Science
Read the latest FAS expert analysis on how the National Science Foundation’s plans to tackle federal research funding disparities, one of the issues raised in last week’s Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on the NSF’s budget.

Day One Conversations: Entrepreneurship at the Endless Frontier: Catalyzing Competitiveness Through Innovation and Invention
This Thursday, April 22, join the Day One Project and Bipartisan Policy Center for a conversation exploring how public policy can support innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship in underrepresented communities and underserved regions. RSVP for the Day One Conversation here.

Rebooting the American Dream: Challenge Grants for Emerging Innovation Ecosystems
From the Day One Project and Scott Resnick, a proposal that aims to revive entrepreneurship across America through national challenge-grant program that funds “Regional Centers for Shared Prosperity” in emerging innovation ecosystems. 

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