FAS Roundup – March 27, 2021

By March 27, 2021

Big Tech CEOs Questioned About Fighting Disinformation With AI by the House Energy and Commerce Committee
Last week, Congress asked big tech CEOs how they have been working to stop the spread of false information on their platforms. Read our hearing analysis here.

Section 230 Is Essential to the Internet’s Future
From the Day One Project and Electronic Frontier Foundationwhy the Trump Administration’s executive order on Section 230 should be repealed, and how action to limit the power of large tech companies should be taken on three fronts: antitrust, privacy, and interoperability.

Creating an Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-L) for the Department of Labor
Also from the Day One Project, why the Federal Government should launch an ARPA-L to research, develop and test breakthrough approaches to boosting workers’ skills and to enable transformative change to the labor market by illuminating employment information.

Russian Nuclear Forces, 2021
In the latest Nuclear Notebook, FAS’ Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda break down their current estimates of Russian nuclear forces, and dissect Russia’s nuclear strategy and modernization plans.

Press the Button
Hear FAS’ Matt Korda on Ploughshares’ “Press the Button” podcast, where he discusses the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent program, a new nuclear missile force estimated to cost $264 billion throughout its life cycle.

Kim Jong Un’s Long Game Starts With Short-Range Missiles
“Time is very much on Pyongyang’s side… North Korea is steadily acquiring each of the capabilities that have kept US officials up at night,” FAS’ Adam Mount tells the Wall Street Journal about North Korea’s return to weapons provocations.

The Federation of American Scientists has a role to play on behalf of the scientific community — and an obligation not only to condemn both xenophobic words and violence, but to take affirmative steps to advance diversity and inclusion within our organization and beyond. Read Acting President Dan Correa’s statement on combatting anti-Asian violence and xenophobia here.

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