FAS Roundup – October 2, 2020

By October 2, 2020

Transparency, safety, and rigor are key to creating a vaccine the public can trust.
FAS leads over a dozen scientific organizations, urging for transparency and rigor when it comes to approving a vaccine.

What a Joe Biden presidency would mean for five key science issues
FAS President Ali Nouri and other science policy leaders speak with Nature Magazine about what a Biden presidency would mean for science.

Scientists Must Rise in Defense of Democracy
FAS President Ali Nouri and several other scientists call on scientists to act in defense of our democracy in Scientific American.

Creating Data for Learning Analytics Ecosystems
Data from educational technology platforms that describes the process of learning has great promise, however, data science over the past decade has revealed significant limitations in the way that this data is created. In this new position paper co-authored by new Senior Fellow John Whitmer, these limitations are explored along with potential approaches to address them.

Construction of New Underground Nuclear Warhead Facility At Warren AFB
The Air Force has begun construction of a new underground nuclear weapons storage and handling facility at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Learn more about the new base in the latest Strategic Security blog from FAS’ Hans Kristensen.

At 11th Hour, New START Data Reaffirms Importance of Extending Treaty
The State Department today released the latest set of New START treaty aggregate data. There are just four months before the New START treaty is set to expire. Read about the final set of treaty data and why extending New START is a no-brainer from Hans Kristensen.

Personal Debt and National Security
Excessive personal debt is among the most commonly cited reasons for denying or revoking access to classified information, FAS’ Steven Aftergood writes in the latest Secrecy News blog.

Did Sweden confront COVID-19 the right way?
Hear Adjunct Senior Fellow Eric Feigl-Ding discuss Sweden’s successes and failures in combatting COVID-19 transmission compared to its Nordic neighbors on Yahoo News.

CDC removes updated guidelines around COVID-19 aerosol transmission, but this expert explains why it should reverse the reversal
In an interview with TechCrunch, FAS Adjunct Senior Fellow Eric Feigl-Ding talks about how the US lags behind other countries in explaining and highlighting the role of aerosols in COVID-19 transmission, and the near-silence from the CDC on aerosol transmission.

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