FAS Roundup – September 18, 2020

By September 18, 2020

A Grassroots Effort to Fight Misinformation During the Pandemic
Soon after its launch, Ask A Scientist became the go-to place for the public to connect with scientists and ask their burning COVID-19 questions. Now, we’re connecting policymakers to scientists, technologists, and medical experts. Read more about the project and its future in Scientific American.

“We still have a long way to go in this pandemic”
As we learn more and more about COVID-19, the advice remains the same: countering an airborne virus means thinking of yourself as part of a public health network. Be smart, be safe, be careful. Listen to the full KNX1070 interview with FAS President Ali Nouri here.

Concerns over political interference in the COVID-19 vaccine candidate evaluation process addressed during Senate hearing
Federal agencies have signaled that COVID-19 vaccines could be ready to go this fall; however, leading experts believe that proof of a safe and effective vaccine before Election Day is unlikely. Read more in the latest Congressional Science Policy Initiative newsletter here.

(The Other) Red Storm Rising: INDO-PACOM China Military Projection
“Although China is modernizing its nuclear forces and appears intent on increasing it further over the next decade, the force will remain well below the level of the United States and Russia for the foreseeable future,” FAS’ Hans Kristensen writes in the latest Strategic Security blog.

Senator’s Challenge to War Powers Secrecy Blocked
Congress needs new tools to declassify information that is improperly classified, and even sometimes information that is “properly classified,” FAS’ Steven Aftergood writes in the latest Secrecy News blog.

SIGN-ON: Scientists’ Statement in Defense of Democracy
Many scientists watch news and events in our country with real concern about the state of our constitutional democracy. In recognition that the science community can not hold itself separate and apart from democratic society, we invite like-minded scientists to join us in signing a statement affirming their commitment to democratic principles.

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