FAS Roundup – September 11, 2020

By September 11, 2020

Washington puts heat on US executives at Chinese firms, with TikTok latest example
Speaking on international scientific research cooperation, FAS President Ali Nouri tells SCMP that “the illicit transfer of data from the US to China needs to be addressed, but you have to do it in a reasonable way. We need a scalpel, not a sledgehammer.”

Is 6 feet enough? Medical experts question the wisdom behind social distancing guidelines
“Social distancing is important still — but not foolproof,” FAS Adjunct Senior Fellow Eric Feigl-Ding explains to Salon. “We know with indoor aerosol transmission that it’s a real problem, since we know aerosols can be infectious and found up to 27 feet away, and [can] float [from] 20 minutes to four hours in the air.”

Why Canada flattened the curve  and the US didn’t
“We need to do better with risk communication here in the United States. We know this virus affects every facet of our life — from what happens in the bedroom to the kitchen table to our social gatherings,” FAS Adjunct Senior Fellow Syra Madad tells CNN. “If you treat this as a taboo topic or preach for abstinence that’s not going to work.”

Global enthusiasm and American trepidation in Russian diplomatic vaccine efforts
This week’s FAS Disinfo Report explores the global narrative around Putin’s premature vaccine announcement. While it was slammed by many in the US, it’s viewed more favorably in places overseas. Read about how an organized social media campaign is influencing the global perception here.

Senator’s Challenge to War Powers Secrecy Blocked
Congress needs new tools to declassify information that is improperly classified, and even sometimes information that is “properly classified” FAS’ Steven Aftergood writes in the latest Secrecy News blog.

Citizenship delays may keep many immigrants from fall vote
“At this point, there’s no question that USCIS is going to effectively disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people this election year,” FAS’ Doug Rand tells Roll Call. “It’s going to massively disrupt people’s lives.”

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