FAS Roundup – June 26, 2020

By June 26, 2020

Public restrooms: What you need to know about using them safely amid the pandemic
“We tend to forget that there is actually more virus out there today than there was when we (Americans) went into lockdown,” FAS President Ali Nouri tells CNN about returning to public life with caution. “We have to remember that it’s a more dangerous world today than it was in mid-March.”

No, Air Purifiers Will Not Keep You Safe From Coronavirus No Matter What These Guys Say
“It’s hard to imagine how a system that, according to the company’s website, is ‘added to existing air duct paths,’ would stop person-to-person spread,” FAS’ Mike Fisher tells the Copper Courier about claims air purification systems can prevent COVID-19 transmission.

The State Department’s Compliance Report Plays the Blame Game, Despite Offering Little Evidence
The State Department released its annual arms control Compliance Report. To see how the US is meeting, or not meeting, agreement and treaty commitments, read the latest analysis from FAS’ Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda.

The Case of the Insolvent Federal Agency: A Forensic Analysis of Public Data on U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services
You can hear FAS’ Matt Korda on the latest episode of Press the Button, where he discusses the emerging congressional fight over the resumption of nuclear testing.

Crisis of Credibility in Secrecy Policy
“Obsolete secrecy procedures and growing political abuse have left the national security classification system in a state of disarray and dysfunction,” FAS’ Steven Aftergood writes in his latest Secrecy News post about antiquated information security management practices.

Trump’s visa ban undercuts effort to beat China on computer chips, AI
“It’s absolutely disastrous, and is completely at odds with the administration’s desire to lead the world in emerging technologies, including AI,” FAS’ Doug Rand tells the National Journal about new immigration restrictions.

Bay Area movie theaters are reopening. Is it safe to go?
“There’s a formula in which the combination of being indoors, at a close distance with other people, and laughing and eating that leads to a really concerning environment — movie theaters check all the boxes,” FAS’ Eric Feigl-Ding tells the SF Chronicle about heading to the multiplexes as they reopen.

Eradication of Biological & Chemical Weapons Conference
This week, FAS’ Jenifer Mackby presented at the Eradication of Biological and Chemical Weapons Conference held by MIT-WPU in India, where she spoke on biological warfare, weaponized biological agents, and the international cooperation needed to end future development of biological weapons.

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