FAS Roundup – April 17, 2020

By April 17, 2020

‘Mind-boggling’: How pandemic planning never accounted for a President like Trump
“We’re not letting the science drive the conversation… We’re letting the Dow Jones Industrial Average drive the conversation and that has been a problem and that’s why we’re playing catch up,” FAS President Ali Nouri tells CNN.

Trump’s veiled threat to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci spooks scientists, Democrats
On the rift between the President and Dr. Fauci, FAS President Ali Nouri tells the Boston Globe “there aren’t too many scientists who have been involved from the get-go with these decisions. To the extent that he has these people around him, … he should listen to them.”

New updates to Coronavirus Project page
We’ve updated our Coronavirus Project page with new information, new scientific analysis, and new downloadable and shareable content. Check out our latest updates, as well as find PSAs to share on social media here.

Virtual NASEM Forum on Postsecondary Response to COVID-19 
FAS has partnered the National Academies to organize a forum on the role of postsecondary education in responding to COVID-19. Register for the virtual series here.

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