FAS Roundup – April 10, 2020

By April 10, 2020

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy thanks FAS for answering the public’s COVID-19 questions
FAS has teamed up with the State of New Jersey – the second largest epicenter of the outbreak – to answer the public’s COVID-19 questions. Governor Murphy acknowledged the role of FAS and other partners in this endeavor during one of his recent COVID-19 briefing. In addition to NJ, the state of Alabama has become the second state to adopt the FAS Ask A Scientist platform. If you’re interested in adopting this tool for your institution, reach out to us at covid19.fas.org

Congress Needs More Scientific Expertise to Fight COVID-19
For Scientific American, FAS President Ali Nouri describes the urgent need for scientific advisory committees for members of Congress to deal with the COVID19 crisis as well as other matters. FAS is working on a pilot program to establish these advisory bodies for several members of Congress. Just as Presidents and Executive Branch officials have access to their own science advisory committees, members of Congress should too and we hope to facilitate that.

A Decade After Signing, New START Treaty Is Working
The New START treaty turned ten years old this week. Read Nuclear Information Project Director Hans Kristensen‘s latest blog post on the effects of the treaty and what its future looks like.

SkyGuardian Drone Takes Flight Over Southwest US
Read the latest from Government Secrecy Project Director Steven Aftergood, on new civilian drone test flights. “For now, drone technology is advancing faster than the capacity to regulate it. Privacy is a special concern.”

If you have to ask EPA for data, are they really public? Agency critics say no
“To say that something is FOIA-able is actually admitting that it is not publicly available … if it were, a FOIA request would be redundant,” Steven Aftergood tells Science Magazine about new EPA secrecy rules.

Virtual NASEM Forum on Postsecondary Response to COVID-19 
FAS President Ali Nouri is helping the National Academies organize a Forum on the role of postsecondary education in responding to COVID19. Register for the virtual series here.

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