FAS Roundup – February 21, 2020

By February 21, 2020

US sets sights on Harvard professor and universities over Chinese funding amid heightened fear of IP leaks
“We’re hearing a lot of complaints from US researchers that few percentage of grants get funded,” FAS president Ali Nouri tells SCMP. “But China also needs to play by the rules.”

“Strengthening Deterrence” with More Nuclear Bombs?
In his latest Secrecy News blog, Steven Aftergood reviews Fred Kaplan’s new book The Bomb: Presidents, General, and the Secret History of Nuclear War. “Instead of resting on solid intelligence and empirical data… nuclear policy has often been based on “hunches,” strongly held opinions, bureaucratic politics, inter-service rivalry, and serendipity.”

ICYMI: Coronavirus Project
The Federation of American Scientists has begun a project to provide factual information related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Check it out here. Also see the latest CSPI newsletter to learn more about how the Senate is tackling COVID-19.

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