FAS Roundup – July 27, 2019

In Memoriam: The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty Dies
For the NationMatt Korda lays a wreath on the grave of the INF, and how its end could usher in an era of renewed missile production–and what it could mean for the future of other arms-reduction treaties.

The INF Treaty Officially Died Today
In their latest Strategic Security Blog, FAS experts Hans Kristensen and Matt Korda detail the history of “the demise of this historic and important agreement.”

Five Questions About Nukes To Ask at the Next Debate
After the second round of Democratic debates, Matt Korda highlights five better questions moderators should have asked about nuclear security and strategy.

No substantial discussion of carbon pricing during Senate hearing on energy innovation
Read this week’s Congressional Science Policy Initiative newsletter to learn why the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources neglected to comprehensively discuss carbon pricing during its hearing on innovation in the energy sector. During the hearing, witnesses recommended increasing research and development for energy storage and systems that convert carbon dioxide into usable products as part of addressing climate change.

North Korea’s Latest Weapon: A Rocket or a Missile?
In his latest Secrecy News Blog, FAS expert Steven Aftergood breaks down a Pentagon memo on “actively engag[ing] with the public.” He notes increased “engagement does not necessarily mean increased disclosure or improved access.”


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