FAS Roundup – July 22, 2019

North Korea tests new short range missiles
“They can also modify their ballistic trajectory to arrive faster to target, and possibly avoid, missile defenses as they do,” said FAS expert Adam Mount on the capabilities of new DPRK missile tests.

North Korea Launches Two Short-Range Missiles, South Korea Says
“Without an agreement to restrict missile tests, it is likely they will continue and perhaps expand to longer-range systems,” says Adam Mount on the possible consequences of these tests.

Kim Jong Un seen inspecting apparent submarine
Watch FAS fellow Ankit Panda talk about the new North Korean submarine and Kim Jong Un’s undersea nuclear deterrent, and why he “fully expects” North Korea will “continue building sumbarines like this.”

Russia Upgrades Western Nuclear Weapons Storage Sites
In a new Strategic Security blog, FAS expert Hans Kristensen highlights upgrades in nuclear weapons storage sites in Russia.

A Modern Model for Science & Technology Expertise in Congress
FAS President Ali Nouri is featured in a new Belfer Center report on ntersections between responsive lawmaking and advancement in science: “Any attempt to improve how science is received in Congress requires knowing Congress intimately, which is another way of saying forming relationships day in and day out with members and staff. It’s impossible to do that unless you’re fully engaged.”

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