FAS Roundup – January 3, 2020

By January 3, 2020

What Kim Jong-un’s Latest Threats Say About His Trump Strategy
“We should expect that elements of the regime favor tests of several new systems, which likely include new solid-fuel and intercontinental-range missiles, as well as new warhead designs,” Adam Mount tells the New York Times.

North Korea’s Kim threatens to resume nuclear, long-range missile tests
Mount also tells the Washington Post, “so far, the Trump administration has been ‘fire and fury’ or ‘we fell in love.’ Both exacerbate a bad situation. The imperative is to find a responsible option in the vast space between.”

Conventional Deterrence of North Korea
In a brand new report, Adam Mount explains how rapid technological and doctrinal advancements on both sides of the DMZ have created new risks and new opportunities for stability in North Korea, and makes updates to obsolete concepts of conventional deterrence.

How Young People Will Change the Direction of U.S. Foreign Policy in the New Decade
For Responsible StatecraftMatt Korda and Abigail Stowe-Thurston open the decade with a new project: “replace the outdated assumptions that underpin U.S. foreign policy” and bring young people into the mix.

Election security 2020: Perspectives from voting system vendors and experts
Next week, Congress will hold a hearing on election security, and preparing for 2020. Submit questions that lawmakers should ask witnesses, personal stories on your experiences related to election security, or your general thoughts on how Congress can ensure that our elections remain democratic. Learn more on our Election Security portal.

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