FAS Roundup – August 19, 2019

Sunday’s US Missile Launch, Explained.
In their latest Strategic Security blogHans Kristensen and Matt Korda break down the recent Tomahawk missile launch, and what this test means for the post-INF world.

The SpyCast Conversation with Matt Korda
Listen to Matt Korda in conversation with Vince Houghton from the International Spy Museum, where they discuss the Skyfall missile explosion, no-first-use, and the future of arms control.

Kashmir, Autonomous Weapons, and More from CRS
In his latest Secrecy News blogs, expert Steven Aftergood highlights new and noteworthy CRS reports on Kashmir, and autonomous weapons, expounds upon the modernization troubles facing the Information Security Oversight Office, and other brand new posts.

The History of U.S. Decision-making on Nuclear Weapons in Japan
Read research assistant Mercedes Trent‘s latest Strategic Security blog, where she runs down the history of U.S. nuclear weapons deployed across Japan.

Why Putin’s Nuclear-Powered Superweapon Went Up in Smoke
“My concern is that there’s very little thinking that’s been done on how these missiles would be used strategically and, more importantly, where they’d go,” FAS expert Ankit Panda tells Bloomberg.

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