FAS Roundup – October 14, 2019

By October 14, 2019

Join FAS president Ali Nouri and former Australian navy officer and N Square fellow Peter Waring as they take to the skies to discuss challenges with the multinational operation to find Malaysian Airlines MH370.

Urgent: Move US Nuclear Weapons Out Of Turkey
In his latest Strategic Security blog postHans Kristensen asks “If there were no U.S. nuclear weapons in Turkey and someone asked for them to be deployed to Incirlik, would the Pentagon approve?”

Why Are U.S. Nuclear Bombs Still in Turkey?
“Removing the U.S. atomic arsenal from Turkey won’t fix the world, but it could save the world from experiencing its stupidest disaster yet,” writes Ankit Panda for The New Republic.

Do you have a data-driven question that lawmakers can ask Mark Zuckerberg? What can Facebook do to protect privacy or election integrity? Lawmakers want to hear from you in advance of the October 23rd hearing.

This website will bring you up to speed on the issues surrounding the hearing and gives you the opportunity to submit a question or statement that lawmakers can ask Mr. Zuckerberg.

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