FAS Roundup – November 5, 2018

By November 5, 2018

NNSA Plan Shows Nuclear Warhead Cost Increases and Expanded Production
Hans Kristensen writes for the FAS Strategic Security blog: It is “essential” that the Trump administration and Congress proactively update U.S. nuclear modernization programs to account for the “significant fiscal risks” associated. 

U.S. needs tactical shift in North Korea talks
Adam Mount for Axios: “Seeking achievable limits in exchange for real incentives is the last chance to limit North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.” 

North Korea Cancels Nuclear Talks With Pompeo
Mount told The Wall Street Journal: Negotiations between the United States and North Korea are collapsing “slowly but surely.” 

Classified Anti-Terrorist Ops Raise Oversight Questions

Last February, the Secretary of Defense initiated three new classified anti-terrorist operations intended “to degrade al Qaeda and ISIS-affiliated terrorists in the Middle East and specific regions of Africa.” 


Presidential Disability and the 25th Amendment

Under the 25th amendment to the Constitution, a U.S. President could be declared “disabled” and removed from office against his will by the Vice President acting together with a majority of the Cabinet. CRS details. 

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Jenifer Mackby was a panelist at the Arab Institute for Security Studies’ Amman Security Colloquium in Jordan. Mackby will present on the Biological Weapons Convention and the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty from November 10-11.

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