FAS Roundup – November 19, 2018

By November 19, 2018

North Korea tests new ‘tactical’ weapon, releases U.S. prisoner
Adam Mount spoke to Reuters about North Korea’s latest weapon test: “They’re trying to signal that they are willing to walk away from talks and restart weapons testing. It is the most explicit in a series of escalating statements designed to send this message.” 

Trump, Who Loves Nukes and Hates Treaties, Is Putting Us on the Road to the Apocalypse
Hans Kristensen told The Daily Beast: “There’s really no strategic upside to terminating New START.” 

Problem with Our $6 Trillion War Tab
Steven Aftergood was quoted for his U.S. Senate briefing remarks: “When we were at war, everyone knew we were at war and everyone helped pay for it at least to some extent. That is no longer true.” 

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