FAS Roundup – September 3, 2018 (Nuclear Notebook)

By September 3, 2018

FAS’ Hans KristensenRobert S. Norris, and Julia Diamond released the 2018 Nuclear Notebook on Pakistani nuclear forces. Published by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. 

An archive of recent Nuclear Notebooks is available on fas.org.

Russian ICBM Upgrade at Kozelsk
Hans Kristensen writes for the FAS Strategic Security blog: New satellite photos show substantial upgrades of ICBM silos at the missile field near Kozelsk in western Russia. 

North Korea turns 70: What to look for as Pyongyang celebrates
Adam Mount told CNN: “It’s a very delicate time for negotiations. North Korea has incentives not to alarm or shock this administration too.” 

Kim Jong Un’s Military Parade Is About to Show Trump ‘Rocket Man’ Is Back
Ankit Panda writes for The Daily Beast: North Korea’s nuclear program “isn’t going anywhere,” but the Korean Peninsula is “on the cusp of change.” 

Army Needs Intelligence to Face “Peer Threats”
U.S. Army operations increasingly depend on intelligence to help confront adversaries who are themselves highly competent, the Army said this week in a newly updated publication on military intelligence. 

Reviving the Role of CRS in Congressional Oversight
A former Congressional Research Service analyst writes in a new paper: CRS — which once played a prominent role in supporting oversight by congressional committees — could be restored in a new Congress. 

Steven Aftergood publishes analysis and new/updated Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports in the FAS Secrecy News blog. To subscribe to the FAS Secrecy News mailing list, click here.

Rodney Nichols (1938–2018)
Rodney Nichols, member of the FAS Board of Trustees, passed away on August 30. He was 80-years-old. For a retrospective on Nichols’ life, read his Washington Post obituary. 

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