FAS Roundup – July 30, 2018

By July 30, 2018

No, A Huge Meteor Did Not Threaten A US Base With Destruction

Hans Kristensen told Task & Purpose: “It’s not about the [tense political] situation today. It’s about the situation that could happen with these early warning systems in a tense crisis.” 

Trump Receives New Letter From Kim Jong Un, White House Confirms

Ankit Panda writes for The Diplomat: “For Kim […] avoiding the precise details of what the phrase ‘complete denuclearization’ entails is ideal.” 

(MEMBERS ONLY) Why reports of continued N. Korean missile production should come as no surprise

Ankit Panda writes for NK Pro: That DPRK held off on production during U.S. talks is a surprise. 

Tariff Escalation: A Timeline, and More from CRS

The Trump Administration has moved aggressively to impose tariffs and other restrictions on foreign imports, “but it is unclear what specific outcomes the Administration is seeking,” according to the CRS. 

US Sanctions on Russia, and More from CRS

The U.S.-imposed sanctions on Russia in recent years “for aggression against Ukraine, election interference, malicious cyber activity, human rights violations, weapons proliferation” has been surveyed by CRS. 
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