FAS Roundup – March 19, 2018

By March 19, 2018

Through a declassification petition by FAS, the Department of Defense has released 2017 U.S. nuclear stockpile data, which show a 196-weapon reduction from 2016.

Hans Kristensen provides analysis on the FAS Strategic Security blog:“Despite Rhetoric, US Stockpile Continues to Decline.”

FAS Expert Activity

There are brand-new entries in Secrecy News:
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JENIFER MACKBY (Sr. Fellow, Intl. Security)

In January 2018, Mackby spoke at Wilton Park to discuss nuclear disarmament verification. Today, Mackby spoke at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

CORRECTION: In the last FAS Roundup, Jenifer Mackby’s article in Arms Control Today (Arms Control Association) was incorrectly linked to an older piece. The actual piece is “BWC Talks Score Surprise Success.”

In the Press

John Bolton: foreign policy radical who backs war with Iran and North Korea
Dr. Adam Mount, Sr. Fellow and Dir., FAS Defense Posture Project, was cited by The Guardian for hisdetailed Twitter thread on Bolton’s radical views. 

Who and what’s involved in bringing the US and North Korea together
Dr. Mount also spoke to CNN about the historical context of and strategic decisions involved with future U.S. talks with North Korea. 

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