FAS Roundup – Nuclear Posture Review Edition

By February 12, 2018

FAS’ always-updated Nuclear Posture Review Resource provides clarity and context for President Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), including analysis from FAS and other experts, breakdowns of past NPRs (Obama, Bush, Clinton), and direct-to-document corrections and fact checks (as illustrated above).

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In the Press

Pentagon mistakenly labels Taiwan as part of China in nuclear report
CNN highlights a geographical error in the official Trump NPR, first revealed by Director of the FAS Nuclear Information Project, Hans Kristensen. 

Buried In Trump’s Nuclear Report: A Russian Doomsday Weapon
NPR’s All Things Considered spoke with Kristensen to explain how the Trump Nuclear Posture Review leverages a leak of Russian weapons. 

Trump’s nuclear policy is taking us back to the Cold War
Washington Post analysis cites Director of the FAS Defense Posture Project Adam Mount’s recent pieceon Trump’s nuclear policy in Foreign Affairs

Other News & Events

FAS Nuclear Verification Task Force members, Chris Bidwell (FAS), Harvey Rishikof (American Bar Association), and John Lauder (James Garfield Institute) discussed their latest report on nuclear monitoring and verification in the digital age at the Hudson Institute’s January 26 event.

You can watch a video of the entire event here.

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