FAS Roundup – January 1, 2018

By January 1, 2018

Program Activity

There are brand-new entries in Secrecy News, including an overview of recent government official retirements who represent much of the public face of the national security and secrecy system:

In the Press

Hans Kristensen: “Pre-delegation [for nuclear launch authority] is less of an issue than it has been in long time […] Strategy trend is to place less emphasis on launch under attack and more on riding out attack.” 

Steven Aftergood: “It can sometimes take years for a leak to result in an indictment […] there are other penalties available to the government besides criminal prosecution — such as loss of clearance, termination of employment, and more.” 

Hans Kristensen: “It’s a taste of what will come in the Nuclear Posture Review. What is interesting is the broadening of the nuclear weapons mission against non-nuclear attacks […] are we creating more pathways to potential nuclear war?” 


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