FAS Roundup – October 23, 2017

By October 23, 2017

The New York Times editorial board wrote a piece highlighting and detailing the U.S. nuclear arsenal, utilizing data and background research from the FAS Nuclear Information Project, directed by Hans Kristensen (@nukestrat).

Program Activity

Government Secrecy Project (Dir. Steven Aftergood)
There are brand-new entries in Secrecy News, including new CRS reports:
Adam Mount (Senior Fellow)
Mount penned an op-ed for CNN Politics about deterrence and North Korea titled, “Deter, don’t provoke, North Korea.” Read here.

In the Press

“‘It does send a significant signal,’ said Adam Mount, a defense analyst and senior fellow at [FAS]. It is a major projection of force any time a carrier moves into a region… US adversaries will read something into it.”” 

“It took a while, but the B-52s have fully graduated from bomb drops to standoff nuclear delivery. This May, the Federation of American Scientists noticed that the B-52 doesn’t even carry nuclear gravity bombs anymore.” 

Recent Publications

Special Report
This third report by the FAS Nonpartisan Nuclear Verification Task Force examines nuclear monitoring and verification in the digital age, providing key recommendations for the future thereof, including the establishment of a network of independent verification centers.


Special Report + 2 Issue Briefs
Part of the FAS Naval Nuclear Propulsion Project, these publications provide legal, technical, and policy perspectives on naval nuclear propulsion, including a case study on Brazil.

Also available are working papers on the project’s online hub.

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