FAS Roundup – May 15, 2017

By May 15, 2017

This Week in FAS

Steven Aftergood, director of the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, published several pieces in Secrecy News:




In the Press

Steven Aftergood, director of the [FAS] Project on Government Secrecy, said that such authority gives the president the authority to ‘classify and declassify at will.'”

“If there was no formal, written change in the classification status … ‘no one else in the administration would have any reason to believe that it was no longer classified,’ said Aftergood …”

“‘His conduct is not a question for the Justice Department; it’s a question for Congress,’ Aftergood added, saying Trump could be impeached …”

“‘The classification system is not based on a law,’ said Steven Aftergood … with the Federation of American Scientists … ‘The president defines the terms of the security clearance system …'”

“‘It is not a legal issue … said Steve Aftergood … ‘At face value, it appears that the president behaved recklessly and thoughtlessly and may have compromised a vital intelligence source.'”

“‘This story is more about the president’s competence than his compliance with the law,’Steven Aftergood, director of the [FAS] Project on Government Secrecy …”

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