FAS Roundup – May 1, 2017

By May 1, 2017

This Week in FAS

Several FAS affiliates, including President Charles D. Ferguson and adjunct senior fellows Tom Shea and Jenifer Mackby, convened atNPT PrepCom2017 to host a discussion titled: Nuclear Navies, Non-Proliferation, and Nuclear Disarmament.

Hans Kristensen, director of the FAS Nuclear Information Project, co-authored a special briefing paper titled “Preserving the INF Treaty” for the Deep Cuts Commission.

Steven Aftergood, director of the FAS Project on Government Secrecy, published several pieces in Secrecy News:

  • Steven Aftergood examines the question: Is “cyberwar” war?Referencing congressional and other hearings, Aftergood provides a succinct exploration of the provocative question.

In the Press

“‘… federal agencies will likely still need to determine how to assess the climate-related costs and benefits associated with rulemakings,’ …[explained in a sidebar made available by FAS].”

“But the [Russian investigation] numbers are still broadly ‘relevant as indicators of a commitment to an investigation,’ said Steven Aftergood, a secrecy expert with the Federation of American Scientists.”

“The nearly 60-foot-long, 80,000 pound Minuteman III missile … is capable of striking land targets more than 6,000 miles away, according to a 2016 report by [FAS].”

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