FAS Roundup: May 24, 2016

New Publication: 70th Anniversary Edition of the Public Interest Report

This exclusive edition of the PIR attempts to encapsulate FAS’s continual reinvention with a glimpse into FAS’s past and a look to the future and what it may hold. A stellar assemblage of authors discuss the many aspirations, accomplishments, and challenges of FAS. Read the journal, in full, here.

From the Blogs

Pentagon Report And Chinese Nuclear Forces: Although the Pentagon’s latest annual report on Chinese military developments mainly deals with non-nuclear issues, it does contain important new information about China’s current nuclear forces, including ICBM developments, deployment of a new medium-range ballistic missile, submarine capabilities, bomber potential, and a summary of Chinese nuclear policy and strategy.

DoD Biometric Collection, and More Military Doctrine: Department of Defense procedures for collecting biometric data are presented in a newly updated manual, which also provides some insight into the military and intelligence applications of such data. “Biometrics are the measurable physical and behavioral characteristics that can establish and verify an individual’s identity,” the manual explains. See Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Tactical Employment of Biometrics in Support of Operations, ATP 2-22.85, May 2016.

National Security Space Launch, and More from CRS: In a worst-case scenario, the United States could be left without a launch vehicle needed to deploy national security space payloads within the next several years. The ongoing turbulence within national security space policy is reviewed in a new report from the Congressional Research Service. See National Security Space Launch at a Crossroads, May 13, 2016.

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