FAS Roundup: August 25, 2014

By August 25, 2014

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WWII Atomic Bomb Project Had More Than 1500 “Leaks”: The Manhattan Project was among the most highly classified and tightly secured programs ever undertaken by the U.S. government. Nevertheless, it generated more than 1,500 leak investigations involving unauthorized disclosures of classified Project information. This fact was disclosed in the latest declassified volume of the official Manhattan District History.

Manufacturing Nuclear Weapon Pits and More from CRS: Secrecy News has obtained recently released CRS reports on topics such as DoD’s goal of producing 80 plutonium pits for nuclear weapons, threat of domestic terrorism and terrorism issues in Latin America. 

Leaked Document to be Introduced in State Secrets Case: The plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the use of the “no fly list” to bar a U.S. citizen from boarding an aircraft said last week that he would introduce a leaked copy of the government’s Watchlisting Guidance “to show just how objectionable and evidence-free Defendants’ watch listing process is.” The government said it did not acknowledge the authenticity of the leaked document, and that the case should be dismissed since the Attorney General had invoked the state secrets privilege concerning core issues that it raised.

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