FAS Roundup: February 25, 2013

By February 25, 2013

Meteors and nukes, additional delays for B61-12, and much more.

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A New Judge for the FISA Court: Judge Claire V. Eagan of the Northern District of Oklahoma was appointed this month to the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by the Chief Justice of the United States. The FIS Court authorizes electronic surveillance and physical searches for intelligence and counterterrorism purposes.

Additional Delays Expected in B61-12 Nuclear Bomb Schedule: Hans Kristensen writes that NNSA expects additional delays in the production and delivery of the B61-12 nuclear bomb as a result of sequestration budget cuts. The B61 LEP is already the most expensive and complex warhead modernization program since the Cold War, with cost estimates ranging from $8 billion to more than $10 billion, up from $4 billion in 2010. The price hike has triggered Congressional questions and efforts to trim the program.

Unconventional Monetary Policy and More from CRS: Secrecy News has obtained recently released CRS reports on topics such as U.S.-Japan relations and legal issues regarding the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Meteors Against Nukes: Last week’s meteor explosion over Chelyabinsk in Russia is also home to some of Russia‚Äôs most important nuclear weapons production and storage facilities. The odds of a meteor hitting one of these nuclear weapons production or storage site are probably infinitely small, but on a cosmic scale it got pretty close.

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