The Benefits of FAS Membership

By March 11, 2011

There are many benefits to becoming a FAS Member, besides supporting an organization that is devoted to pursuing solutions to challenging problems in science and security policy.

FAS members receive the FAS Public Interest Report four times a year in an effort to keep you up to date on all our efforts to focus the nation’s scientific and technical community on some of the most critical security and science-related challenges. As an FAS member, you will receive each issue of the PIR one full week in advance before it is made available on to non-members. In order to ensure that more of your financial support is applied toward FAS programs, we will send you an advanced electronic version of the PIR unless you explicitly tell us that you prefer a print copy mailed to you.

You will also receive advance notice of all major FAS reports and publications, as well as monthly podcasts with FAS experts.

You will receive regular invitations to participate in conference calls with FAS experts.

FAS members enjoy weekly updates via email about the work of FAS experts to provide nonpartisan, technical analysis to policy makers, the press, and the public.

FAS members gain access to special events, like webcasts, online debates, and live chats, hosted by FAS experts. To find out about upcoming member events, please call 202-546-3300 or send an email to

Lastly, FAS members receive special rates on magazines like the Scientific AmericanJane’s Defense WeeklyForeign Affairs, and Wired. These special offers are as follows:

  • Scientific American – For a new one year subscription that includes twelve monthly issues, you will pay $19.95 for members in the US and $39.00 for members abroad.
  • Jane’s Defense Weekly – FAS members are eligible to receive a one year subscription for $328, saving 20% from the original price.
  • Foreign Affairs – FAS members are eligible to receive a one year subscription that includes six issues for $22.00, saving 50% off the original price.
  • Wired – FAS members are eligible to receive a one year subscription that includes twelve issues for $10.00, and a two year subscription that includes 24 issues for $18.00.

FAS members also receive a 20% discount on all book purchases made at Public

For members who donate at higher levels ($250 or more), you will receive signed copies of featured FAS books. Presently, we are offering the book One World or None.

If you have any questions about these offers, please contact James  at to obtain promotional codes and directions.





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