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Israel reportedly helped South Africa develop nuclear weapons in the early '80s JERUSALEM (April 20, 1997 10:31 p.m. EDT) -- Israel helped South Africa develop nuclear weapons in the early 1980s, an Israeli daily reported Sunday. The daily Haaretz based its report on interviews with South African officials, including Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad and a former military chief of staff. US-Egyptian ties under growing strain by STEVE RODAN Jerusalem Post, 14 Nisan 5757 [April 21, 1997] "(April 20) -- Egypt's $2.1 billion in US aid may be at risk because of tense relations with Washington... The lightning rod of criticism came at a hearing on April 10 of the House Inter-national Relations Committee. House committee chairman Benjamin Gilman... said Congress has numerous grievances with Egypt. Egypt has derailed the multilateral talks on regional security by insisting on discussing Israel's purported nuclear arsenal." E X C L U S I V E IT IS POSSIBLE TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM OF THE LEAKAGE OF SCIENTISTS FROM RUSSIA BY SELLING INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, BELIEVES VLADIMIR BULGAK MOSCOW, APRIL 17, RIA NOVOSTI CORRESPONDENT REGINA LUKASHINA - Volume #7 (Precision Guided Weapons and Ammunition) of the Russia's Arms Catalog has just been released. This 720 page book features exclusive color photos and information on the U.S.S.R.'s first atomic bomb (1949), the world's first hydrogen bomb (1953) and the first tactical missile nuclear warhead (1960-1967). First Production-Model Tactical Atomic Bomb The First Tactical Missile Nuclear Warhead Russia's Arms is a unique multi-volume English and Russian language catalog offering a unified classifier of combat material currently under development in the Russian Federation Armed Forces, which is compatible with the U.S.A. catalog system adopted by Nato countries. Each volume contains approximately 400 armament versions illustrated by about 1,000 color photos, diagrams, sketches and drawings. Many photos are unique because they were taken at proving grounds during live firings. Russia's Arms Catalog can be used as a reference or as an instructional aid on weapons and material and will be updated every two years. You may purchase in advance to reserve copies of volumes which have not yet been released. The Seven Volume Set Includes: Army (Volume I): Now Available Air Force (Volume II): Now Available Navy (Volume III): Now Available Strategic Missile Forces (Volume IV): Revised Release Date is May 1997 Air Defense (Volume V): Revised Release Date is September 1997 Military-Space Forces (Volume VI): Revised Release Date is December 1997 Precise Weapons & Ammunition (Volume VII): Now Available $495.00 Each Volume, Or; Purchase Full 7 Volume set $2,495.00 (less than $400 each).