Summaries of and links to online news reports and commentaries.

Senate Sets Chemical Arms Pact Vote
Helen Dewar - The Washington Post - 18 April 1997; page A10
"The Senate agreed yesterday to vote next Thursday on ratification
of a global treaty to ban production and use of chemical weapons.
The action came after nearly four years of delay climaxed by
last-minute pressure for concessions from Foreign Relations
Committee Chairman Jesse Helms (R-N.C.)."

Clinton Agrees to Shift Foreign Policy Agencies
John F. Harris and Thomas W. Lippman
The Washington Post - 18 April 1997; page A01
"President Clinton yesterday approved a broad reorganization of
the State Department and three other foreign affairs agencies, a
move that administration officials said was spurred in part by the
need to accommodate congressional Republicans and keep them
from thwarting Clinton's foreign policy agenda."

Clinton Approves Plan to Reorganize State Department
By STEVEN LEE MYERS - New York Times - 18 April 1997
"The plan, which was disclosed only hours after Helms finally agreed
to allow a Senate vote on a long-delayed chemical weapons ban,
would consolidate the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and
the U.S. Information Agency into the State Department over the next
two years, the officials said."