There was no regular briefing, but State Department Spokesman Nicholas Burns did speak on-the-record with reporters on Korea, Germany/Iran, NATO/Solana, Iraq, and Zaire. No transcript is available of this briefing.

KOREA -- Representatives of the United States, the Republic of Korea
(ROK), and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) will meet
April 16 in New York City. "The North Koreans have requested this
meeting," Burns said, "and we anticipate that they will provide a
response to our proposal for a four-party peace conference. We, of
course, hope that this response will be positive."

Four-party talks would bring together officials from North Korea,
South Korea, the United States and China to discuss a permanent peace
agreement for the Korean peninsula.

It is expected that the delegations will be led by the same
individuals who met on March 5 in New York for the initial U.S.-ROK
briefing for DPRK officials on the four-party proposal. Leading the
respective delegations were Acting Assistant Secretary of State
Charles Kartman, North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Kye Gwan and
South Korean Assistant Foreign Minister Song Young-shik.

The United States will have a bilateral meeting with North Korean
officials after the April 16 trilateral meeting to discuss issues such
as missile proliferation, missing-in-action military service
personnel, and technical issues relating to the establishment of
liaison offices, Burns said.

Regarding the World Food Program's appeal for more food contributions
for North Korea, Burns said that the United States expects to have a
response by next week.