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Lott Seeks Vote on Chemical Arms Treaty
Thomas W. Lippman,  Washington Post; page A12 April 9, 1997
"There is no agreement on the Chemical Weapons
Convention," Lott said in a statement last night. "I am
meeting with senators and representatives of the
administration tomorrow [Wednesday] and hope we can
conclude an agreement. A number of issues -- both
substantive and procedural -- need to be resolved, and I
hope they will be."

Senate Vote Now Likely on Chemical Arms Treaty
By STEVEN LEE MYERS The New York Times April 9, 1997
"WASHINGTON -- With Democrats threatening to stall
action on most other legislation, Senate Majority Leader
Trent Lott, R-Miss., indicated Tuesday that the full Senate would
vote on whether to approve a treaty to ban chemical weapons. 
In a day of conflicting reports, the Democratic minority leader said
Lott had pledged to bring the treaty to a vote before the pact
takes effect in three weeks. Later, Lott issued a statement saying
only that he hoped he could "conclude" such an agreement with
the administration on Wednesday.... Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle,
D-S.D., warned that the Democrats would refuse to take action
on any legislation "except in cases of emergency" unless the
Republican leadership allowed a vote. Daschle later dropped his 
threat after receiving assurances from Lott in a telephone 
conversation that the treaty would go to the floor of the Senate 
by next week, according to Daschle's spokeswoman, Ranit Schmelzer." 

Five nuclear powers reaffirm anti-nuke pledges
news:[email protected]
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 1997 21:41:17 PDT (Reuter / Evelyn Leopold)
"UNITED NATIONS (Reuter) - In an effort to convince the world  
they were committed to nuclear non-proliferation, the five 
declared nuclear powers late Tuesday stressed disarmament 
progress over the past two years. The statement by the United States, 
Russia, Britain, France and China was made to a conference of parties
to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the first such meeting
since the treaty was extended indefinitely in 1995."