9 October 1995



Meeting to Focus on Additional Claims for Departure from Iraq and Kuwait

  GENEVA,  6 October (UN  Information Service)  -- The  Governing Council of

the  United Nations Compensation Commission, at its eighteenth session which

opens  here  today,   9  October,  will  consider  some  200,000  additional

compensation claims with  a value  of approximately  $771 million  resulting

from  departures from Iraq  and Kuwait  during the Gulf war.   The three-day

meeting will  be chaired  by the  Permanent Representative  of Italy to  the

United Nations Office at Geneva, Giuseppe Baldocci.

  The Governing  Council will review the  fourth instalment  of category "A"

claims,  for individual  departures from  Iraq  and Kuwait,  which  includes

claims  from  67 countries,  plus the  United Nations  Development Programme

(UNDP), the  United Nations High Commissioner  for Refugees  (UNHCR) and the

United Nations Relief  and Works Agency for  Palestine Refugees in  the Near

East (UNRWA) filed on  behalf of mostly Palestinians who were forced to flee

as a result of the illegal occupation of  Kuwait by Iraq in 1990-1991.   The

fourth  instalment   comprises  217,513  claims,   with  a  total  value  of

$771,513,000.  Conclusion of  this consideration will bring the total of "A"

claims  approved  for payment  by  the  Governing  Council to  approximately

600,000, for a cumulative value of approximately $2 billion.

  Also, the Governing Council is to look at the jurisdictional phase of  the

report carried out  by the panel dealing  with the claim for non-transferred

remittances of Egyptian workers  in Iraq.   It will be considering a  report

from a panel  of Commissioners who have  been reviewing the  Egyptian claim,

and will  examine the  Commission's jurisdiction  over those  claims.   This

concerns   about  1.2   million  claims,   affecting  approximately  900,000

claimants, for the dollar equivalent of deposits they had made in Iraq  from

their salaries, which were not transferred to them  after August 1990.   The

amount involved is roughly equivalent to $490 million.

  The Commission will also discuss the status of the compensation fund.

* *** *