Army opens five missile bases to media

Army opens five missile bases to media

from CHINA NEWS, 27 August 1999

Taiwan's military unveiled its Sky Bow surface-to-air missile base in Linyuan in Kaohsiung County yesterday amid the escalating tensions in the Taiwan Strait.
This was the first time the military has opened its Sky Bow air-defense missile base to media coverage. Observers said the move is part of the military's efforts to allay local people's jitters about possible mainland Chinese attacks over the "special state-to-state relationship" controversy.
Army General Headquarters said all Sky Bow missile units in Taiwan and on offshore islands have completed combat deployment with the assistance of the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology (CIST) and the Combined Service Force.
The CIST-developed Sky Bow surface-to-air missiles have been deployed at six army bases, with five in Taiwan and one in Tungyin, a small islet of the Matsu island group which lies closer to China than to Taiwan.
The five Sky Bow missile bases in Taiwan are located in Penghu, Taichung, Sanchih, a northern coastal township, and Kaohsiung, which has two.
All of the six Sky Bow missile bases are equipped with highly advanced phased array radar systems.
In addition, the CIST, the military's research and development arm, has completed combat testing on the second-generation Sky Bow missiles. Military sources said Sky Bow II missiles are more sophisticated and more powerful than Sky Bow I missiles. Mass production and deployment of Sky Bow II missiles have also gotten underway, CIST officials said.

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