June 15, 1999

South and North Korean Ships Clash in the Yellow Sea


The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense made the following statement this morning on the naval clash in the Yellow Sea.

At about 09:25 hours on June 15, North Korean war ships encroached upon an area south of the Northern Limit Line in the Yellow Sea. During the process of trying to block the encroachment, North Korean ships fired at our naval vessels, and we had to fire back in response.

The incident occurred when North Korea made an all-out challenge against the efforts of our Government which has consistently born with North Korea's encroachment upon the Northern Limit Line which began on June 7. We make it clear, therefore, that the entire responsibility for the incident rests with North Korea.

We urge North Korea to immediately stop the act of encroachment across the Northern Limit Line and the use of arms and resolve all problems peacefully through dialogue.

We make it clear once again that our armed forces will not tolerate any additional violations of the Northern Limit Line or any armed provocation.