DATE=9/16/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=SHUTTLE-SATURDAY (L) NUMBER=2-266592 BYLINE=DAVID MCALARY DATELINE=WASHINGTON INTERNET=YES CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: The crew of the U-S space shuttle Atlantis made the International Space Station a little more like home today for future crews who will live and work aboard the outpost. As V-O-A Science Correspondent David McAlary reports their work of outfitting the station is over for this mission. TEXT: U-S astronauts and Russian cosmonauts stocked the space station's pantry with food, toothpaste, shampoo and other domestic items for use when the first long-duration crew arrives in November. But their main task of the day was to set up an exercise treadmill in the Russian-built command module Zvezda, the so-called Service Module where station crews will live. It is not a standard consumer treadmill. This one is specially built to operate in a cage that absorbs the equipment's vibrations so it will not disturb sensitive experiments requiring stability. The isolation system includes a frame of guy wires, elastic cords, and computer-controlled dampening mechanisms that lead space station flight director Mark Ferring said is intricate. /// FERRING ACT /// There were a lot of folks in the Service Module working on that and putting together all the pieces and, as you saw, there were a lot of pieces. The bottom line [end result], though, is that the treadmill is completely assembled at this time, which is really good news. /// END ACT /// The Atlantis crew also checked the Russian Zarya cabin for any fungus that might have accumulated there. On the ground, Russian flight controllers outside Moscow tested a communications circuit through which they will send and receive data files to and from Zvezda. The work of transferring 22-hundred kilograms of cargo to the station is complete. According to lead shuttle flight director Phil Engelauf, the crew has worked ahead of schedule. He says their speed -- combined with the extra workday in space that mission officials gave them - allowed them to complete a few jobs assigned to the next shuttle crew that will continue station preparation in October and some tasks the first long term station inhabitants expected to face. /// ENGELAUF ACT /// We spent some time trying to pull together any additional tasks that we could do that might be especially helpful for them. Some of the shopping list of activities that we have consists of restowing some items in a few different places and doing just a little bit more additional work to try to get different work sites in the vehicle set up in anticipation of the arrival of the first expedition crew to try to speed their work along a little better. /// END ACT /// The Atlantis team will spend Sunday closing the station's hatches and will undock from the outpost early Monday Universal Time [11:42 p.m. EDT Sunday] ahead of their scheduled return to Earth on Wednesday [at 3:56 a.m. EDT]. (SIGNED) NEB/DEM/PLM 16-Sep-2000 10:11 AM EDT (16-Sep-2000 1411 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .