DATE=9/11/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=SHUTTLE-SPACEWALK WRAP (L) NUMBER=2-266342 BYLINE=DAVID MCALARY DATELINE=WASHINGTON CONTENT= INTERNET= VOICED AT: INTRO: Two U-S space shuttle crewmembers have made a record 33-meter excursion outside the orbiter to continue assembly of the International Space Station. Science Correspondent David McAlary reports that they set a space-walk distance record. TEXT: Moving hand-over-hand along tethers like rock climbers, U-S astronaut Ed Lu and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko scaled the towering space station to make technical improvements to ready it for the first long term inhabitants, due to arrive in November. It was the farthest any space-walkers have ventured from a shuttle. The U-S space agency NASA's lead space-walk officer, Mike Hess, says the flawless six- hour excursion was the culmination of several years of integrating U-S and Russian training and hardware. /// HESS ACT /// We have got a really good exchange program going on for hardware and engineers who are traveling back-and -forth learning from each other's systems. We will continue to use these same avenues of discussion and meeting groups to prepare for the rest of the International Space Station spacewalks. We have a surge of spacewalks that are about to occur. Over the next year-and-a-half or so we have about 20- spacewalks planned, and this spacewalk set the tone for what is about to come. /// END ACT /// During their six-hour outing, the U-S and Russian crewmen remounted a magnetic compass on the Russian- built Zvezda command module. The instrument helps the station maintain its orientation to Earth by reading the planet's magnetic field. The compass was moved to a boom away from the cabin's metal hull, which had thrown the readings off. The pair also connected Zvezda electronically to the rest of the station by laying power, data, and video cables. Mission operations director Milt Heflin says the seven Atlantis crewmembers will continue outfitting Zvezda when they enter the station Tuesday and begin transferring equipment and supplies. /// HEFLIN ACT /// We have got a lot of work to do, clearly, once we ingress [enter] the modules. Basically, it is a cabin we have that we are trying to get some furniture into and get it ready to move into. So it is just a tremendous amount of work and coordination that is required between now and the end of the flight to get it done. /// END ACT /// The five astronauts and two cosmonauts aboard Atlantis must transfer more than 22-hundred kilograms of cargo to Zvezda for use by future inhabitants. (SIGNED) NEB/DEM/RAE 11-Sep-2000 10:04 AM EDT (11-Sep-2000 1404 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .