The Russian submarine situation: A statement by Vice Adm. Grossenbacher

From the Navy Office of Information

    WASHINGTON (NWS) -- The following is a statement 
attributed to Vice Adm. John J. Grossenbacher, commander, 
Submarine Force Atlantic, on behalf of the men and women of 
the U.S. Navy:

    The situation with the Russian submarine is most 
unfortunate. Our thoughts and prayers are with those 
submariners and their families in this difficult time.

    Submarining is inherently dangerous. The undersea 
environment is very unforgiving. Conquering these elements 
and actually operating submarines submerged at sea is a 
tremendous accomplishment of man and machine.

    Like all Navies that operate in this extreme 
environment, the U.S. Navy takes every precaution with its 
submarine force. From the design and construction of its 
submarines, with redundant systems and back-ups, to the 
extensive training of its crews, in fire fighting, damage 
control and emergency egress procedures, safety is paramount 
in the U.S. Navy submarine force.

    We hope this situation resolves itself quickly, and 
without loss of life.
Vice Adm. John J. Grossenbacher, 
Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic

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