Ministry of Defence


16 August 2000


John Spellar, Minister of State for the Armed Forces, announced today
that the UK Submarine Search and Rescue System has been despatched to
Trondheim in Norway. In making the announcement Mr Spellar said:

"The pre-positioning of this equipment is simply to ensure that it is
best placed in the event that the Russians request our assistance."

The Rescue Vehicle, LR5 and a Remote Operated Vehicle - Scorpio,
together with crews and support staff numbering over 20 personnel,
have been loaded onto a chartered Antonov transport aircraft, at
Prestwick airport. The rescue team and equipment will be embarked
on a chartered ship, the NORMAND PIONEER, which will act as the
mother ship for the operation.

The team will be supported by three RAF C130 Hercules aircraft
carrying extra equipment including decompression chambers.

The LR 5 is a rescue submersible, operated by a crew of 3 and capable
of transferring a maximum of 16 personnel. Owned by Global Marine,
but under exclusive contract to the MoD, she can be transported by
road or air to ports worldwide for embarkation onto a suitable mother

The Remote Operated Vehicle (Scorpio) is owned by the MoD but
commercially operated, Scorpio is used for survey, clearing
obstructions and Emergency Life Support Systems.

The following RN and civilian personnel will deploy:

Rescue Vehicle crew - 2 pilots and rescue chamber operator
Mother ship - 12 support personnel including spare crews
2 naval co-ordinators of rescue force
4 divers
2 Doctors and 4 medics - initial medical team

- ends -


1. A Royal Navy Media News Team consisting of a cameraman and
photographer will be despatched to join the rescue team. They will
provide the media with material on the activity of the British team.

2. For further information, please contact Lt Cdr Jim Jenkin at the
Defence Press Office.

3. The MoD web-site can be found at Alternatively
you may contact the MoD Press Office by e-mail at [email protected]