DATE=8/16/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=CLINTON-PUTIN (S-ONLY) NUMBER=2-265560 BYLINE=DAVID GOLLUST DATELINE=WHITE HOUSE CONTENT= INTERNET=YES CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: President Clinton - in a 25-minute telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin - has reiterated the United States' readiness to help in the rescue of crewmen aboard the sunken Russian submarine in the Barents Sea. VOA's David Gollust reports from the White House. TEXT: A White House official said Mr. Clinton expressed concern about the situation on the submarine and renewed a U-S offer of help, previously conveyed by his National Security Adviser Sandy Berger and through military channels The official said the Russian leader told Mr. Clinton Moscow is "actively considering" offers of outside assistance and has already asked Britain and Norway to join in the rescue effort. The U-S Navy has deep-diving rescue vessels. But they are based on the U-S west coast and it is unclear whether the equipment would be compatible with the Russian submarine. Mr. Clinton was returning a call, originally placed by Mr. Putin, to discuss the Middle East peace process. The U-S official said that in addition to the Middle East, the leaders also covered their plans to meet at the United Nations summit next month, and that Mr. Clinton raised -- with concern -- the case of Edmund Pope, a U-S businessman held on espionage charges by Russia since April. (Signed) NEB/DAG/FC NEB/ 16-Aug-2000 14:14 PM EDT (16-Aug-2000 1814 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .