DATE=8/15/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=RUSSIA SUB (L) NUMBER=2-265512 BYLINE=JIM RANDLE DATELINE=PENTAGON CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: A special British rescue team is getting ready to aid in efforts to save the crew of a stricken Russian submarine. V-O-A's Jim Randle reports. TEXT: British officials tell V-O-A, London has offered the services of specialized rescue submarine, which can be airlifted close to the accident scene. News reports from Britain (on the BBC and the Press Association) say a 20 member team is ready to fly out of Scotland Wednesday morning aboard an outsized (very large) Russian cargo plane. Other reports say Russian officials conferred informally with their NATO counterparts in Brussels about what kinds of help might be available from the alliance. Tuesday, U-S Defense Secretary William Cohen repeated a U-S offer to help with the rescue. Pentagon spokesman Craig Quigley says Washington could send specialized undersea vehicles, technical advise, or medical help. /// QUIGLEY ACT /// We stand ready to do what we can if that request comes. /// END ACT /// Meantime, the Russian Navy is desperately trying to save the lives of 116 crewmen stranded aboard a wrecked nuclear submarine sitting more than 100 meters below the surface. Russian Admirals say the chance of a successful rescue is slim, but more than a dozen naval vessels are on the scene trying to save their comrades. The damaged sub, one of Russia's newest and largest, has been on the bottom of the ocean for several days now, with its reactors shut down. Without the avbility to reprocess the vessel's air supply the crew can survive for only a limited time. (Signed) NEB/JR/TVM/PT 15-Aug-2000 18:01 PM EDT (15-Aug-2000 2201 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .