DATE=7/10/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=RUSSIA / FOREIGN POLICY (L-O) NUMBER=2-264263 BYLINE=PETER HEINLEIN DATELINE=MOSCOW CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov has unveiled a new diplomatic strategy, saying it places emphasis on building a stronger state and a more prosperous domestic economy. But as Correspondent Peter Heinlein reports from Moscow, Mr. Ivanov acknowledged that Russia's foreign policy resources are limited. TEXT: Addressing a news conference Monday, Russia's chief diplomat said in these times of economic difficulty, his country must focus on foreign policy goals it can afford. But he said that does not mean Moscow will accept a reduced role in international affairs. /// IVANOV ACT IN RUSSIAN, THEN UNDER TO. /// Mr. Ivanov says - today our foreign policy resources are limited for objective reasons, so we will concentrate them first on areas of vital importance to us. Meanwhile, the foreign policy doctrine distributed to reporters outlines a wide-ranging strategy. The document lists several priorities, the first of which is establishing a new-world order, with the United Nations at its center. In his prepared remarks, Mr. Ivanov did not name the United States directly. But he made clear that Moscow hopes to limit Washington's post-Cold War dominance of international affairs. /// OPT ACT // 2ND IVANOV ACT IN RUSSIAN, THEN FADE TO./// Mr. Ivanov says - .our hopes that the bi-polar world (of the Cold War) would be automatically replaced by a partnership aimed at international stability have not materialized. He adds - we will have to fight for this, and the struggle will not be easy. In that regard, /// END OPT /// Mr. Ivanov issued a call to other countries to join in opposition to U-S plans for a limited nuclear missile defense system. ///3RD IVANOV ACT IN RUSSIAN, THEN FADE TO./// He says - the link is direct and obvious, the deployment of a missile defense system is the road to creating a uni-polar world. /// OPT /// Meantime, Mr. Ivanov said Russia supports the Clinton administration's efforts to broker a Middle East peace agreement. /// 4TH IVANOV ACT IN RUSSIAN, THEN FADE TO./// He says - we welcome the initiative to hold a meeting at Camp David. He said Russia is working closely with the United States on Middle East issues, adding - there can be no competition here. /// END OPT /// Moscow analysts say Russia's new foreign policy doctrine reveals some style changes between President Vladimir Putin and his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin. But the substance remains essentially the same. The doctrine is the first since 1993, when Moscow re- ordered its post-Soviet diplomatic priorities, dropping its Cold War stance and focusing instead on seeking aid and advice from the United States and Western Europe. (SIGNED) NEB/PFH/GE/AMAHL/RAE 10-Jul-2000 12:15 PM EDT (10-Jul-2000 1615 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .