DATE=3/20/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=KIRIENKO - RUSSIA (L ONLY) NUMBER=2-260393 BYLINE=JON TKACH DATELINE=WASHINGTON INTERNET=YES CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Former Russian Prime Minister and noted advocate of reform, Sergei Kirienko, predicts there will not be any sweeping reforms after Sunday's presidential election. He says Russia's democratic revolution is over and the country's leaders must consolidate its gains. But as V-O-A's Jon Tkach [kotch] reports, Mr. Kirienko said in a Washington speech Monday that authoritarianism is still a threat in Russia. TEXT: Mr. Kirienko, the current leader of the union of Right forces in the Duma, says Russia still lacks an adequate system of checks and balances to rein in its president. He says the danger of authoritarian rule is real, though he dismisses fears that likely presidential election winner Vladimir Putin wants to roll back the clock. /// KIRIENKO ACT IN RUSSIAN, FADE TO /// Mr. Kirienko says Mr. Putin is in favor of a strong state and feels nostalgia for "the Great Russia." But he believes common sense will override that tendency He goes on to say that it is dangerous to have all power in anyone's hands, and Russia's leaders should create more institutions to monitor the president's actions. But as far as reforms go, the self styled "young reformer" says Mr. Putin should take it slow. He says instead of trying to institute new reforms, Mr. Putin should focus on strengthening the democratic and economic institutions already put in place during the years since the fall of the Soviet Union. He stressed the need to improve government efficiency at the local level and strengthen protection of private property. (Signed) NEB/JON/gm 20-Mar-2000 17:30 PM EDT (20-Mar-2000 2230 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .