DATE=1/19/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=U-S / RUSSIA (L) NUMBER=2-258230 BYLINE=KYLE KING DATELINE=STATE DEPARTMENT CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Secretary of State Madeleine Albright will visit Russia later this month for talks expected to be dominated by arms control, non-proliferation issues and the war in Chechnya. V-O-A's Kyle King has this report from the State Department, where officials have also issued their first public reaction to Russia's new national security doctrine. TEXT: U-S officials say Russia's new national security doctrine does not make the use of nuclear weapons more likely. Analysts had said the new policy unveiled last week is more aggressive than the previous security doctrine issued in 1997. But State Department spokesman James Rubin says there is no significant change in Russian policy, which had previously allowed for the first use of nuclear weapons to resolve a crisis. /// RUBIN ACT /// I think its fair to say that we recognize there have been some adjustments in the wording. But in terms of a major departure, going from say no first use, to first use, we think that isn't what happened here. They have always retained that right. /// END ACT /// During her talks with Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and other Russian officials, Ms. Albright will be discussing arms control, non-proliferation issues, and U-S concerns about the conflict in Chechnya. Officials did not say if Ms. Albright would hold talks with acting Russian President Vladimir Putin, but analysts say the two are likely to meet during her visit. Tuesday, during a major foreign policy speech, Ms. Albright called Mr. Putin a leading reformer in Russia. But she said the United States is not what she called "starry eyed" about the Russian leader and will judge him by his actions. Ms. Albright will be the highest ranking U-S official to visit Moscow since President Boris Yeltsin named Mr. Putin as acting President on New Years eve. During her visit, Secretary of State Albright will also take part in a multi-lateral Middle East peace conference co-sponsored by the United States and Russia. (Signed) NEB/KBK/TVM/JP 19-Jan-2000 17:57 PM EDT (19-Jan-2000 2257 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .